Copy and paste with clipboard history

Cutting, copying and attaching, or Cut/Copy-Paste, is one of the basic functions of word processing. Often, however, only the last thing we cut or copy is at our disposal. Using the clipboard history, we can access a wider selection of previously saved text clips, links or images. You can copy several items to the clipboard for later use.

What do I need to do?

Click the right button on the mouse to cut, copy and attach the selected text or use the following shortcuts:

  • Cut: Ctrl + x
  • Copy: Ctrl + c
  • Paste: Ctrl + v

When you press the Windows + v simultaneously, a window pops up showing what you have copied or cut earlier, including screenshots. From the suggested items, you can choose which one you want to paste into your text.

Windows+ v




Note: If you do not get the history of the clipboard as described above, check the settings on your computer to see if the clipboard history has been selected:

Select Settings – System – Clipboard

clipboard settings


Tip by Ville Palkinen (TAMK, TAOK)