Presentation mode in Forms: Surveys and quizzez

The Microsoft Forms has received a new useful feature, presentation mode. It allows you to conduct surveys and quizzes during a event or class. Presentation mode shows the response link and QR code to participants, and as responses are given, they appear in real time as graphs or diagrams. Presentation mode enables you to collect opinions, ideas and views during the event, and thus enables the activation and participation of students or participants. Presentation mode also allows for various quizzes and tests, and thus brings game-like elements to the lecture or event.

What do I need?

You can find the Forms tool from the M365 service.

What do I need to do?

Open the M365 service and select Forms from the menu. You have two options to choose from:

“New form”: You ask students for their views or opinions.

“New quiz”: There are correct answers to the questions and you want to do a test or game.

Read how to create a form or quiz


In addition to creating the form, remember to define the appearance of the form from the Theme menu at the top. You can also choose who can respond to the form from the Collect Responses menu at the top. You can choose “Anyone can respond”, where responses come anonymously unless you specifically ask for the respondent’s name. The other option is that you want respondents to first log in with a TUNI ID. In this case, the respondent’s name is automatically saved. You can also limit answering to certain TUNI respondents. Also check out Settings from the menu behind the three dots at the top.

Presentation mode: You can access presentation mode from the “Present” button in the upper right corner.


After clicking on the Present button, you will see a view that tells the participants how they can answer the survey or quiz. They can use a link or a QR code. Answering is easy with mobile devices. On the right side of the screen is the first question. The view begins to change in real time as responses are given. You can change how responses are presented and move on to the next question’s responses. Responses are updated in view and depending on question type, responses are displayed differently, e.g., columns, diagrams, word clouds, lists.

What should I take into account:
  • The Forms can also be embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. With presentation mode, you can show response modes and responses received within PowerPoint without leaving PowerPoint presentation. Read more
  • Word clouds can be created from open-ended responses in presentation mode. However, there has been a delay in updating word clouds, so open-ended responses can be viewed reliably only as a list at this time.
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