Decreasing the size of a video file

We are using HandBrake program, which is readily available in the Software Center (Win). It is also available for Mac and Linux distributions.

Simple steps in use:

  1. Open HandBrake
  2. Choose the desired video file
    • The file chooser might open automatically
    • If not, then use the Open Source button
  3. Choose filename for the end product (and you can also specify a different folder)
  4. Press the Start / Play button
    • You can let HandBrake do its magic in the background (large files can take some time to finish)
Handbrake: Selecting a file.
Picture of a Handbrake file selection.
  • In the example on the right a 90 Mb file was reduced to 17 Mb.
  • In another case a 1,15 Gb lecture video was reduced to 180 Mb, which is roughly 6,4 times smaller file size than the original one.
  • Especially file sizes of videos made with PowerPoint can be reduced significantly.
  • Default settings seem to be exceptionally good, but there are a lot of settings available for advanced users.
Handbrake file selected.
Picture of a file selected in Handbrake.