How to use Learning Analytics

Learning analytics means the use of data generated during the learning process to support student guidance, assessment and content development. The data can be generated by the student’s activities or log data generated by learning environments and digital tools. Using learning analytics does not require specific technical skills, but you can get started simply with a small change of settings in Moodle or by using ready-made analytics charts in the tools. Many of the digital tools available provide easy tools to visualise student progress and the need for support and guidance, and to gain valuable insights for improving teaching.

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) of the Tampere University Community is a network that brings together pedagogical expertise and the information and services that teachers need. In the Digital Pedagogy section of the TLC website, you will find a Learning Analytics page, which presents different ways of using learning analytics with existing digital tools. The learning analytics use cases on the page are categorised according to the learning environment or digital tool in use.

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