Hybrid teaching: There is no need to navigate through hybrid teaching alone

Managing a hybrid teaching situation can be hectic. Managing teaching, student interaction, technical equipment and the chat can be a lot for just one person and new technology can also pose challenges, when starting hybrid teaching. Another teacher, facilitator or technical assistance can bring much needed relief and allow the teachers to concentrate better on teaching and the students.

What do I need?

Another person who is responsible for predetermined tasks a before, during, or after the hybrid teaching session.

What should I take into account?

First, determine what tasks you need help with and whether the help is needed just once or during several teaching sessions. After this it is easier to determine who could provide such assistance. For technical assistance, equipment and hybrid ready classrooms you should consult ICT Services. Ongoing help in teaching situations can possibly be found from colleagues working as teacher pairs in classrooms, in the form of a course assistants, or by including student in the facilitation of the course. Before starting cooperation or pair teaching, it is a good idea to discuss the distribution of tasks and responsibilities.

Including students in the facilitation of a course could be a valid option in hybrid teaching but it has to be thought through carefully before implementing. A course assistant is usually an employee, but for normal student’s participation happens alongside their studies in the course. Light assistive tasks such as taking care of the chat could be part of attending the course, offer additional points that can have a positive impact on course grade or they could compensate for some assignments.

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