Frequently asked questions


How do I request access to TUNI EXAM?

New users at Tampere Universities are automatically assigned the student and/or examiner role when they sign up to the TUNI EXAM system for the first time. Log in to TUNI EXAM with your TUNI username and password.

If you are a staff member and the system does not recognise you as an examiner, contact the administrator by sending an email to

Please note that external examiners (such as examiners who mark national medical and dental specialist examinations) need a TUNI user account and email address to access and mark electronic exams completed via TUNI EXAM. Please get in touch with the faculty-specific contact person to obtain the required user account and email address.

I am unable to sign in to TUNI EXAM. Why?

Users log in to TUNI EXAM with their TUNI username and password at Select “Tampere Universities” (Tampereen korkeakoulut) as your organisation when you log in through the HAKA user authentication system. If you are unable to log in, see the page Login problems?


Where can I find my exams in TUNI EXAM?

Log in to TUNI EXAM and select Exams from the menu. You can use, for example, the course code to search for your exams.

If your exam is a joint exam (such as a national medical or dental specialist examination), use a computer to log in to TUNI EXAM, so the option Joint exams appears when you click the Exams menu (see image).

If you are unable to find the exam you are looking for, check that you are logged in to the correct EXAM system (TUNI EXAM). It may also be that the teacher has not yet published the exam for students via the TUNI EXAM system. If necessary, contact the teacher.

How can I cancel or reschedule my exam booking?

Log in to TUNI EXAM and navigate to the Reservations tab. Click the icon with the three dots on the top right of the exam. You can delete your reserved exam time slot by clicking Remove booking or confirm it by clicking Yes. If you want to reschedule, click Reschedule exam.

After you have deleted your reserved time slot, you can also cancel your registration for the exam. Click the icon with the three dots on the top right of the exam and select Cancel registration. Confirm by clicking Yes.

I am unable to log in to a computer in the exam room. Why is this?

Exam takers do not log in to the exam room computers with their personal TUNI username and password. Instead, you must follow these steps: 1. The username tuni-exam is already entered into the space provided, 2. Leave the password field blank and, 3. Press Enter.

For more information, see the page Instructions during exam. The instructions are also included in the instruction sheets that are visible in the exam room.

What should I do if my exam is interrupted due to technical or other problems?

Consult the instruction sheets that are provided next to each computer in the exam room. Technical user support is not available when you are sitting an exam.

If you are unable to resolve the issue by consulting the instruction sheet, leave the exam room and send a notice that you were prevented from completing.

If necessary, you can also send an inquiry to

Where can I take an electronic exam?

Students at Tampere University can complete electronic exams in designated facilities on the Hervanta campus, the Kauppi campus and the city centre campus. You can also complete electronic exams in other universities in Finland; this is called an exam visit. A link to the list of universities where you can complete electronic exams is available on the Exam visit page. Please be sure to read the exam visit instructions and the host university’s guidelines carefully.


How can I add another examiner for my exam?

When you create an exam, you can add other examiners who are authorised to mark students’ answers. Log in to TUNI EXAM, select your exam and navigate to the Basic information tab.  Scroll down to Exam assessment and click Examiners. Start typing the other examiner’s name and select him or her from the list. Click Add. Please note that the other examiner must have logged in to TUNI EXAM at least once before, so he or she has been assigned the teacher role in the system.

How can I republish an exam for students?

If an exam is no longer available because the exam period has ended, you can reopen the exam by changing the start and end dates of the exam period. You can find the exam by navigating to the Archived exams tab in the Dashboard view.

How can I change the duration of an electronic exam?

If students have not yet signed up for your exam, you can change the duration of your exam on the Publication settings tab. If students have already signed up for the exam, contact the administrator by sending an email to You must inform the students who have already signed up that they must cancel their existing exam booking and book a new time slot.

How can I reset an exam attempt so a student can retake my exam?

If a student has left your exam before submitting the answers and you need to reset the attempt so he or she can retake the exam, go to the Study attainments tab and click the Release button next to the student’s name.

If a student has exhausted the maximum number of attempts at the exam and has submitted the exam, you can mark the submitted exam and lock the assessment. After this, your student can book a new time slot if the exam period is still underway.

Where can I find the exams that I create in TUNI EXAM?

Click Dashboard on the left side of the TUNI EXAM main page to find your exams. Exams are divided into the following categories: active exams, unassessed exams, archived exams, and drafts. If your exam is a joint exam, use a computer to search for the exam, so the option Joint exams appears when you click Dashboard on the left.