EXAM 5.2 version new features!

TUNI EXAM updated to 5.2 version on 22.4.2020.


  • Export questions to Moodle (essay and multi-choice questions supported).
    Go to EXAM question library > Select questions > Export questions to Moodle XML format (only essays and multiple choice questions) > Download > Import to Moodle course’s question bank
  • New question type: Statement question (also available in exam visits and joint exams). Negative points are possible with this question type.
  • No-show logic change, no-show does not count as exam attempt
  • Examiner can override points in automatically evaluated quesions
  • UI improvement to add students to personal exam
  • Multiple usability improvements and bug fixes
  • Accessibility improvements


  • New summary of the exam (beta) -tab

Exam visits

  • Support for optional sections
  • Support for new question type: Statement question
  • Exam visitor is always logged in as student
  • Exam visits can be cancelled by home organization

Joint exam (piloting continues)

  • Joint exam search for students and support for new question type: Statement question