TUNI EXAM usage during the current exceptional circumstances

Tampere University has switched to distance learning from 16 March 2020 onwards due to the exceptional circumstances caused by Covid-19. Special measures may continue till the end of the semester. Unfortunately, organizing mass examination or other electronic examinations requiring physical presence are not possible in the current situation.

The electronic examination service TUNI EXAM cannot be used during the current exceptional circumstances. It is not possible for students to take electronic examinations remotely in the TUNI EXAM system. Therefore, electronic examinations in TUNI EXAM must be replaced with some other completion methods if necessary until otherwise informed.

We have gathered instructions about the alternative completion methods such as online exams to the university intranet: Digipedagogical instructions and links

TUNI EXAM has been updated to 5.2 version on 22 April 2020 and thereby it is now possible to export essay and multiple-choice questions from TUNI EXAM to the examination tool in TUNI Moodle. Instructions regarding this and information about other new features in TUNI EXAM: EXAM 5.2 version new features.

More information: it-helpdesk@tuni.fi