Code of Conduct in exam rooms

You must observe this Code of Conduct from the moment you enter the exam room.  The exam room is equipped with a video surveillance system to monitor electronic exams and the use of the exam room.

  1. Only students who have booked a time slot for an electronic exam are allowed to enter the facilities.

  • If necessary, check your Tuni ID and the number of your assigned computer before entering the exam room. You can check the number of your assigned computer from the EXAM system.
  • Please note: Your Tuni ID is used to log in to the EXAM system, but not to log in to your assigned exam computer itself. Simply press the Enter key (blank password) on your assigned exam computer.


  1. You are not allowed to bring any items into the exam room, only your student card (or other photo ID) or your key card, as well as any locker key.

  • Leave your coat, hat and other outerwear and other belongings outside the exam room.  Secure lockers that can be locked with a key, PIN code, student card or key card are available outside the exam rooms for storing valuables.
  • The items not allowed in the exam room include, for example, calculators, dictionaries, books, and other materials. This also includes paper for notes, pencils food and drink. You are not allowed use any technical aids such as phones, smart watches, smart glasses or similar devices to take the exam.
  • Students who need to use medical equipment or other individual arrangements during an exam must agree on the arrangements in advance.
  • Tampere University: Individual arrangements in exams (Intranet)
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences: Individual arrangements in exams (Intranet)


  1. Use your key card to access the EXAM room.

  • Always use your own key card to enter the room, even if you have access to the room with another examinee at the same time. A student card or other key card is typically used to enter the room.
  • Make sure your access rights are in order in good time before the exam day. Please see the instructions in the Student Guide on the Student access to campus facilities page.
    • Tampere University of Applied Sciences: Open University students and exam visitors can obtain a key card at the information desk.
    • Tampere University: Exceptions from the rules above are exam visitors and examinees who are allowed access to a specific EXAM room without a key card.


  1. Stay within your allotted time.

  • You should arrive at the exam room only a moment before your exam is scheduled to begin (no more than 5 minutes before your time slot begins), so that you do not disturb the previous student who is taking an exam using the same assigned computer.
  • You are not allowed to leave the room in the middle of your exam. If you leave the room and return to take the exam, your exam will be considered as failed.
  • Leave the EXAM room as soon you have completed your exam and submitted your answers.


  1. Please refrain from wearing perfume and other fragrances in the EXAM room.


  1. Students must observe absolute silence in the EXAM rooms at all times, as the exams of other students may already be in progress.


  1. The exam invigilator must be informed of any academic misconduct.

  • Any suspicions of academic misconduct will be investigated in accordance with the policy of Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. If you observe a student engaging in academic misconduct, please notify the EXAM room invigilators: 


  1. In case of interruption of the exam due to a technical problem or other reason, please follow the instructions available in the exam room.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, leave the room immediately.
  • If necessary, fill in the interruption form at
  • Please note that no user support is available during electronic exams.


You can send questions and feedback on electronic exams to