University Consortium of Seinäjoki

EXAM room

Tampere University has an EXAM room at the University Consortium of Seinäjoki. The EXAM room is located at the Frami C building on the first floor. The use of the EXAM room at Seinäjoki University Consortium requires mobile identification at the entrance to the EXAM room using an app and a personal mobile ID. The mobile ID subscription takes an estimated 3 business days, so please order it in time before your exam booking. Before entering the EXAM room, please leave your belongings in the lockers outside the EXAM room.

Room: C140.4.2, Frami C
Address: Kampusranta 9C, 60320 Seinäjoki
Opening hours: Mon-Su 8-21

  • Computers: 6
  • Headset (all computers)
  • Basic drawing is possible with touch screen (all computers)

How to order and activate your mobile ID

1. Make a service request at

 Fill in the form as follows:

  • Select the category “Mobiilitunnistetilaukset”.
  • Write a description, e.g. “Use of electronic exam room”.
  • Choose “Frami C” as the building.
  • Write “Tampere University” as the organization.
  • Fill in your contact information. Use your Tuni email address.
  • Press the send button.

Once the mobile ID is ordered, a profile is created for you in the access control system of Seinäjoki University Consortium, where the following personal data are saved: name, phone number, Tuni email and year of mobile ID deployment. You will receive a notification in your Tuni email when your mobile ID is ready for use.

2. Activate you mobile ID using the activation code

Activate your mobile ID as soon as possible because the activation code in the email you received is only valid for 5 days. Instructions for activating the mobile ID can be found in the email you received. Activating and using a mobile ID requires that you download a mobile app on your smartphone.

How to access the EXAM room at Seinäjoki

Once you have activated the mobile ID, you will have access to the EXAM room at Seinäjoki University Consortium. Please note that the access is valid only until the end of the current academic year. At the beginning of the next academic year, you will need to re-order the mobile ID if you still have the need to use the EXAM room.

When using the EXAM room at Seinäjoki, you must identify yourself using the mobile ID to get to the EXAM room. Once you have the door open, leave your phone in the lockers inside the room. Your phone should be turned off during the electronic exam.

If your mobile device is lost or replaced, you should notify the property management of the Frami C building so that the data on the old device can be removed from the system. After that, if necessary, you will receive a new mobile ID on your new mobile device.