TAMK EXAM is a electronic examination system that is in use at TAMK.

Log in: https://exam.tamk.fi
TAMK EXAM instructions: https://sites.tuni.fi/tamk-exam-en/


The implementation of a single electronic examination system across Tampere Universities is carried out within the framework of the Assessment and Examinations project. The electronic examination system called TUNI EXAM is currently used at Tampere University. The next step is to connect TUNI EXAM with the student information systems Sisu and Peppi, after which Tampere University of Applied Sciences will discontinue the use of TAMK EXAM and introduce the shared TUNI EXAM system. It is estimated that this transition will take place in the academic year 2021/22. The Assessment and Examinations project is part of efforts that are underway to develop a shared digital work and service environment for Tampere Universities. News about the progress of the project is published in the intranet of Tampere Universities.