Team of people having a barbeque. Logo on top of the picture saying Learning Lab. Teamwork, real projects, having fun.

Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a place where it is all about learning by doing – with us, you are the expert!

Learning Lab is a collaborative learning environment for students, teachers, staff and partners of Tampere Higher Education Community.

At Learning Lab we will be innovating, developing and learning.

At the center of everything is flexibility and adaptation to different needs as well as team learning, real projects and joy.

This means motivating and collaborative learning experiences for all participants!


“It’s a great place. Initially, I didn’t understand how multidisciplinary teams could work on the same project. Later, I realized it’s brilliant to learn something different than your own field by working in a group.”

“I could never have guessed that a job might be something like this! Such a lively atmosphere and people. ♥️”