Living Lab Tampere - A very special learning and development environment, where learning and value creation to real customers happens by working in interdisciplinary project teams. Target is the development of services and products in Tampere higher education community.


The Learning Lab creates interdisciplinary teams to develop prototypes or fully finished products or services. Teams include students and other professionals with expertise for example from engineering, design, journalism, production, computer sciences, social sciences, sales and marketing, hospitality management, education and health and well-being, as well as other fields of expertise. Expertise from all different fields is needed. Projects are in Finnish or in English.



If you are interested in applying for Learning Lab, click here. Participants can be from any field such as business, engineering, social sciences, education, programming, computer sciences, media, graphic design, healthcare and even some other field. If you are not sure if you have the skills required for Learning Lab, don’t worry. We encourage you to apply anyway since you may have exactly the qualities we need!

“It’s a great work place. Initially I didn’t understand how can multidisciplinary teams work on the same project. Later I realized it’s brilliant to learn something different than your field by working in a group.”

“I could never assume that job might be something like that! So lively atmosphere and people. ♥️”

Learning Lab is the right plave to be if you want to develop our own community. It is possible as a project work, as a part of some excisting course or during the summer months. Or, maybe you want to do it as a practical training or as a thesis work. Do to Learn!