Visuality - way of communication

Communication team_Pinja_Tanja_Kirsi

[Written by Pinja Asikainen, Tanja Hämäläinen & Kirsi Sipiläinen, Learning Lab: Communication Team]

Visuality is more than just seeing different shapes and objects with your eyes. It’s part of our personality. It’s a way of communication. Some people are more visual than others but visuality is still part of everyone’s everyday life. Visual people are very exact. They see every detail around them and their work results must be as close to perfect as possible. To be able to concentrate they need quiet environment. You know the feeling when you drive a car in new surroundings and you need to turn your music down to “see better”? That means you have a visual personality.

As mentioned, visuality is very good way of communication. For example you can tell a full story with just one picture. For example, look at the picture of Tanja there. It’s not only a picture of young woman sitting next to a plant. The picture is actually supposed to tell a bit about her interests and way of life. You can see her tattoos and if you look very closely at them you may see some people there. That might tell you those people are so important to Tanja she wanted them permanently on her skin. You can also tell what is one of her favourite colours. The plant represents Tanja’s down to earth personality and her interest in environment. Also the simplicity of Tanja’s clothing tells that her style is very casual and easy-going. Lot of information in one picture, right?

There is no way to define what is visual and what is not. As they say, beauty is in the eye of a beholder. Although if you want to personalize your resume and stand out with a picture, here’s some good tips.

1. Forget selfies, “hire” a good friend to work as your photographer. You’ll have your both hands free for your best poses.

2. Make sure the backround is clean and not too distracting. You are the main thing in the picture.

3. Take your picture in a good lightning. Natural light is the best!

4. You can use some props that might tell something about you and your hobbies. But not too many!!!

5. Smile. Nobody wants to hire a grumpy face.

To sum up, visuality is very importat part of communication. As a communication team visuality is main part of our job and a thing we need to think about carefully. We have to be able to produce interesting and visually high-quality content. We are still learning, but we are sure doing our best to deliver what we promised.