If you are interested in applying for Learning Lab send us mail.

Participants, students and staff from Tampere higher education community, can be from any field such as business, engineering, social sciences, education, programming, computer sciences, media, graphic design, healthcare and even some other field.  If you are not sure if you have the skills required for Learning Lab, don’t worry. We encourage you to apply anyway since you may have exactly the qualities we need!

Teachers and other staff may contact us if there is any development challenges you would like to give to our student experts. At the same time this gives you a good possibility to learn and develop your expertise together with the development team. Project coach could also help you if you want to have an development task as a part of your exixting course or some project.

Partners are welcome to come and co-develop with out teams. Also mentoring the teams as well as learning together with the teams has been highly valued.