Blasting the needle’s eye: Story of Fanzingo

Luis Lineo talking about Fanzingo

At the 8th Forum Talk on the 20th of May, Luis Lineo, project leader at the Swedish media hub Fanzingo in Botkyrka south of Stockholm, pointed sharply at the imbalance of voices in mainstream media.

”We have freedom of speech. But do we have a fair share of speech? We don’t think so. And that is why we are working with this thing”, said Lineo.

The aim of Fanzingo, founded in 2006, was to ”blast the needle’s eye and create the possibility for new storytellers to reach out with their ideas” – illustrated with a middle-aged, grey-haired man entering the building of Swedish Television.

Luis Lineo summarized the activities and achievements that has reached and involved thousands of young people over these past 15 years. You see the video (16 minutes) here.

”How has the relevance of these inclusive media hubs been affected by the huge technological changes and the arrival of social media – that have turned every phone into a personal production unit?”, was a particularly interesting question that was discussed. Is a place like Fanzingo still needed?

Luis Lineos answer was yes: A lot of young people in underprivileged parts of Stockholm and Sweden don’t know that they have a voice, and maybe also lack the skills and support from their environment to start producing.

Also, Luis said, young people themselves point at what they view as an important difference: The stories that can be told through a place like Fanzino are more ”real” than the stories that people post and publish spontaneously on YouTube and other social media – were it it more lika a reflection, an image of yourself ”the way you want to be seen” – but not necessarily the truth.

The Forum Talks will now go on a summer break, but they will return in the coming autumn as Lunch Talks! Thank you all who have participated. We are also planning a bit longer online seminar for November. You will hear more about it after the summer.