Nordic Forum launched successfully

The Nordic Forum is now officially up and running, as the first online meeting was held on September 17th. The atmosphere in this first Forum Talk was excited and forward-looking, as people got the chance to meet new colleagues, hear about their experiences and share their hopes for future steps. There were altogether 14 participants.

Researcher Mikko Hautakangas provided the introductory speech this time, presenting the Finnish case example of Conciliatory Journalism action research project. Hautakangas also talked about what he called “the dialogic turn” in the Finnish society: in the past five years, there have been numerous initiatives and policies led by a variety of institutions that underline the significance of dialogic methods in reinforcing citizen engagement and resisting social polarization. 

We recorded the introduction and put it on YouTube, so you can watch it here! (Duration 20 min)

This introduction inspired fruitful discussions both in small groups and then collectively about the differences and similarities in Nordic societies. We discussed that while Sweden is known for their ability to “diskutera”, the current tension regarding immigration and racism is really the main divide there at the moment. While in Finland there seems to be numerous small conflicts brewing, also on a local level, making the need for dialogue apparent in various settings. We also recognized how the Nordic countries each have their own strengths with societal dialogue and conflict management. For example, Denmark is the home for constructive journalism.  

The first meeting also already incited new ideas and plans for future collaboration, so the Forum proved its usefulness already. We are really looking forward to the next Forum Talk in October, when journalist Petter Beckman will inspire the discussion by presenting the Swedish case of One Stockholm. Come and join us on October 15th, here is the zoom link:

Everyone is welcome, there is no need to be an expert on these themes (yet)!