Watch the lunch talk video: What is a prison radio in Norway?

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In our first online lunch talk, Mina Hadjian, CEO and founder of RøverRadion, talked about the award-winning Norwegian radio success together with Rune, former gang leader who has been in prison for 30 % of his life.

Six prisons in Norway have a newsroom for the prison radio, and soon they will be sending 24 hour-radio inside the prisons. Every week selected bits are also broadcasted in a one-hour program on NRK ( Here the listener can hear stories from a closed community that few of us know of when men and women talk openly about loneliness, grief and loss but also share experiences from their criminal life.

In the talk, Mina talked about her thoughts behind the program and how it is produced with strict rules, peer support and big ups and downs. Rune shared his thoughts on what it means to be part of the program when serving a sentence and how the program has changed his life after that. You can watch the talk here.

Mina hopes for programs like this in the rest of the Nordic countries and can be contacted for more information.