The University of Tampere is the proud host of the oldest American Studies program in Finland.

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation endowed a multidisciplinary Erkko Chair in North American Studies from January 2007. The Erkko Chair is held by PhD Katri Sieberg.


North American Studies

North America plays an important role in world affairs. North American presence is seen in several dimensions: in culture, history, and popular culture, to name a few, but key aspects are found in the North American political and economic impacts. Politically, North America has a global effect which can be seen through foreign relations and also through the intense interest and scrutiny of the US presidential elections and domestic affairs. North America has an equally large economic impact. The focus of this program, correspondingly, explores the politics and economics inside North America and North America’s political and economic impact in a global connection.  The program focus includes Canada, Mexico and the USA. Reflecting the location of the program, the North American Studies program is a comparative program. Thus, courses go beyond understanding events, policies and issues in North America to understanding these events, policies and issues in general, with North American cases – and Nordic cases – serving as special examples.

The North American Studies program at the University of Tampere applies analysis from political science and economics but also incorporates other fields, including history, sociology, and others. The program draws from these multidisciplinary resources to explore institutions in North America and in Europe. A particular emphasis of the program is welfare state issues and evaluation of differential welfare state systems. Incorporating welfare state issues provides a rich comparative focus on subjects of great importance in North America and in Europe.

The program is a great resource for undergraduate students and post-graduate students who wish to pursue degrees in their main subject with a focus on North America. The program’s links with the Master’s Degree Program in Public Choice gives students an idea of the types of courses that will be offered in that program.

The NAM-program offers two levels of studies; Basic Studies (25 ECTS),  Subject Studies (35 ECTS).

North American Studies can be included in various studies as a full minor (basic studies 25 ECTS + subject studies 35 ECTS) in a Master’s degree. As a minor (basic studies 25 ECTS) for the BA.Degree (Kandidaatin tutkielma) at Tampere University.