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The Public Policy Analysis program was granted funding for collaborative work with economics at Brunel University in the Brunel-Tampere Educational Innovation joint call!

Development of a joint online classroom interface to expand economic teaching and support the use of experiments in a cross-cultural setting

Students benefits from both instruction and from interaction with fellow students. This project will create a shared online classroom platform bringing together students from Brunel and from the Public Policy Analysis Master’s program at Tampere. The students will enroll in an Experimental Economics course at Tampere and in a Labour Economics course at Brunel. Experimental methods can be a cost-effective method of testing policies to combat poverty and other socio-economic ills. Experiments can be used to elucidate how people make decisions, how they choose when to cooperate rather than compete, and how their behavior is affected by culture.

Dr Matteo Pazzona, Brunel University London

Prof Katri Sieberg, Tampere University