Which are the risks and how to face them? The Safety and Security Research Symposium will address burning issuess

The third Safety and Security Research Symposium will convene the actors in the field to get information on the newest research and experiences. The Symposium is the 10th Anniversary of the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster.

For more than one year, the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) has seriously plagued people and societies around the world. The crisis has pointed out many defects in the preparedness to health crises both in international and national levels.  Moreover, the disaster has raised awareness of the challenges in predicting and preparing for whole range of risks that societies as whole, its institutions, and individuals might face in the conditions of increasingly integrated international community and rapidly developing technology. In the symposium, the changing challenges will be addressed in the light of research knowledge and recent experiences in the management of unpredicted emergency states and situations.

These issues are especially dealt with in the Plenary Session titled as ’Responding to Crisis and Security Threats’. The Plenary will start the third Safety and Security Research Symposium on 8th September 2021 at 10.30 a.m.

Symposium will continue in the afternoon with 12 thematic sessions that cover wide range of themes within safety and security: health security, school security, fire and rescue safety, preparedness and crisis management, environmental safety, cybersecurity, event security, and machine learning and AI in reliability engineering.

The symposium will be arranged as a webinar in connection with the Leadership Symposium that also covers many themes that are relevant from security perspective. One registration will allow you to participate in all sessions of both symposiums. More information including the link to the registration form you can find here. The language of the  Safety and Security Symposium is English.

The event is free of charge and it is directed at all who are interested in the safety and security issues. The registration, however, is required.