Personal Training

Well-being with the help of a Personal Trainer!

Personal Training services can be booked in packages of one, three, five, ten and 20 sessions, and you can practice either alone or with 1–3 friends. The SportUni fee must be paid before the sessions.

A personal survey, a sport/gym program and the number of meetings with the PT according to your choice are included in the packages. The meetings can also include dietary instructions, getting to know different sports and muscle, mobility and endurance testing.

The training sessions (55 min) can be held at any of the SportUni campuses or at, for example, a sports field or a swimming pool suitable for you.

PT Levels

Our Personal Trainers are divided into two levels based on the working experience of a Personal Trainer. At both levels, Personal Trainers are educated professionals of exercising – Level 1 PT has guided PT classes less than 600 and Level 2 PT more than 600. 

How I make an appointment?

Contact Personal trainer by an e-mail or phone.

  • E-mail:
    Level 1 PT:,: Tel: +358 45 265 3105 (also WhatsApp)
    Level 2 PT:, Tel. +358 45 635 6773 (also WhatsApp)
  • Send the background information by e-mail.
  • During the first session you will sign a Personal Training contract.
  • If you need to cancel a session, please make it 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. PT will charge  63/73 € by invoice for an irrevocable session.

See the price list.

SportUni personal trainers

Level 2: Tuulia Virta, Bachelor of Sports Studies

Tel. +358 45 635 6773 (also WhatsApp)
Instagram: @tuikkunen
Facebook: SuperTuikku
Available in all of the campuses

Level 1: Mirana Avola, sports instructor, PT

Puh: +358 45 265 3105 (also WhatsApp)