EXAM Computers Are Renewed and EXAM Visit Is Now in Use

Computers in TAMK EXAM rooms G2-04 and B3-23 are now renewed. Two TAMK EXAM computers (B3-23 EXAM Visit) have drawing tablets and are therefore suitable for exams in mathematics and physics.

Please remember to check instructions in electronic exams before you reserve exam time. Make your reservation well in advance if your time table is full. As the year comes closer to the end, there will be more exam reservations in our EXAM rooms. Finding suitable exam time during November and December may be very difficult.

If you notice something wrong with the new computers or if the applications won’t start, please contact helpdesk as soon as possible (it-helpdesk@tuni.fi or exam@tuni.fi). When you send email about your exam, please identify your exam’s name, exam time and computer and is the email about TAMK EXAM or TUNI EXAM.