EXAM Visit

An "Exam visit" means that students can take their electronic exams in the Exam facilities of another university.

It is the responsibility of the visiting student to read the Exam visit instructions of the host university before booking an Exam visit. The instructions include, among other things, information on the opening hours of the Exam visit rooms, how to find  the room, and what software is available on the host university’s Exam workstations. These factors determine if it is possible to take your exam as an Exam visit in another university. In addition, you as a student must comply to the rules and instructions given by the host university for the use of their EXAM facilities and monitoring procedures.

You can check the universities offering Exam visits on the national EXAM website. You will find there a list of the universities providing the EXAM visit service, and also direct links to the Exam visit guidelines of these institutions. Each of these institutions have at least one Exam visit computer in their Exam spaces. Please note that at the most popular universities the booking calendars may get congested from time to time. In case you can’t find a suitable, free Exam visit timeslot, you should book your Exam time in another Exam visit institution – or in the Exam space of your own university! Accessible or specially-equipped Exam facilities  are not available to Exam visitors.

Exam visit to another university

Log in to your home university’s EXAM system with your user id and password. If you are studying in several universities, log in to the EXAM system of the university whose exam you are taking.

  1. Open the Exams page in your Exam system, and search for your exam by the course code, exam name, or the teacher’s name.
  2. As soon as you find your exam, click the Register button next to it.
  3. After registration, you will be directed to the Booking Information page. To book a time in another university, click “Exam room reservation from external institution”.
  4. Select your destination Exam visit university in the Organization menu. Then select an exam room.
  5. Choose an exam timeslot that suits you in the booking calendar.
  6. Finally, confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation message in your email.
  7. Remember that you are a visitor at another institution. Cancel your reservation in good time, if you are unable to attend the exam.

Exam visits to TAMK

Test in advance that you can log in to the TUNI EXAM system with your home university’s credentials: Login to TUNI EXAM. If the login is unfunctional for you, you will not be able to take an Exam visit at TAMK for now. In case you suspect a login error, contact EXAM support at your home university.


Registrate and book a time for a TAMK Exam visit in your home university’s EXAM system. Consequently, your booking for a TAMK Exam visit will only appear in your home university’s EXAM system.

Your will find our Exam visit room at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) main campus. The street address is Kuntokatu 3, 33520 Tampere. Before the exam you must borrow a temporary access card at the information desk in the lobby of Kuntokatu 3 campus. Present your ID when collecting your temporary access card. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam time. Go to section C on the TAMK main campus, where the Exam visit room is located. When leaving, return your temporary access card at the info desk. In case you do not return your temporary access card, you may be subject to a penalty fee.

TAMK Exam visit computers are located in Exam Room (B3-23). In room B3-23 computers 21 and 22 are in Exam visit use, and the rest are reserved for students of the Tampere University Community. The Exam visit workstations are located by the window wall. Exam visits are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm, excluding public holidays. Follow the Exam Room B3-23 signs to find the Exam space.

By taking an Exam visit at TAMK, or entering a TAMK Exam room, you agree to follow the TAMK examination instructions. The Exam facilities have both real-time and recording camera surveillance, and the recordings are monitored by TAMK education coordinators (tenttiterraario.tamk@tuni.fi).

The workstations in TAMK Exam facilities are Windows computers with a limited set of software. The computers have no internet access. No specific login ID is required to log in to the Exam computers. The login instructions are attached to the partition between the Exam booths. You can check what software is available on the Exam workstations on page Exam areas.

Please note that it is not allowed to use blotting paper, or any paper at all, during electronic exams at TAMK. You can borrow hearing protectors hanging on the wall inside the Exam room.