TAMK EXAM upgraded 13 April 2021

Exam terrarium 1

TAMK EXAM software was upgraded on Tuesday 13 April 2021. Maintenance work was also performed in the Exam Terrariums. The problem with opening image files on Exam Terrarium 1 workstations was also fixed.

Fixes and changes in the version update:

  • Student: No more screen flickering at the start of the exam (workstation and server clock syncronizing fixed).
  • Student: Exam terrarium rooms are now listed in alphabetical order, when the students make their room selection.
  • Student: Accessibility fixes.
  • Teacher: Enhancements on the Study attainments page and in the exam summary. Section-specific total scores added.
  • Teacher: Colour and position of the Lock assessment button changed.
  • General performance improvements.

More information about the problem of opening image files available in a intranet bulletin (login required). The problem is fixed at the moment.