EXAM upgrade and new user interface on Thu 20 Jan 2022

Word update written on blackboard

TAMK EXAM system will be upgraded to a new version during the maintenance evening on 20 January 2022. The downtime starts after 5 pm and lasts no later than 9 pm. During the break, e-examination services will not be available. Please do not book an exam visit for the maintenance evening!

All users: During the upgrade, the appearance and user interfaces of EXAM will change slightly due to a new version of the platform. However, the functionalities remain mainly the same as before.

New functionalities and improvements:

  • Examiners can copy questions for themselves between two EXAM systems.
  • Interface to study administration systems improved.
  • Reports improved for the Exam Summary page and Progress report.

The Exam user interface will be futher developed during the spring of 2022.