New Exam space opening in November

New Exam space
New Exam space

Construction work of the new EXAM room on the Kuntokatu campus is proceeding rapidly. The opening of the new Exam room is estimated to take place after the entrance examinations in November 2021.

With the new Exam space, TAMK students will start using TUNI EXAM system (, which is a system shared by the Tampere university community, alongside with the TAMK EXAM ( system. TAMK students will use two different EXAM systems during the transition period. The transition between the two EXAM systems will take place during the spring semester of 2022.

The new Exam room will have 20 seats available. All Exam workstations have a touch screen that works with a stylus. In addition,  four of the Exam seats are provided with an additional drawing screen that allows sketching.

A new version of TAMK’s EXAM system will also be launched during the autumn of 2021. At the same time we are preparing the introduction of the Exam visit service. Exam visit means that students can take their home university’s exams in another university’s Exam room. The exam visit agreement between EXAM universities is valid until the end of 2022. You can check the universities that enable visits on the Exam Consortium page.

The renovation of the C-building at TAMK will affect the electronic examinations in the spring of 2022. The estimated start date of the renovation is April 2022. You can find more information on the renovation of the C-building in the intranet.