Reminder of TAMK electronic exam instructions

No extra items are allowed in the TAMK electronic examination rooms. Only your access key card, your ID card, and in advance agreed medical equipment are allowed. This rule applies to bags, mobile phones, books and calculators just as well. During the exam, only the software on the EXAM computer (incl. calculator) and the files accompanying the exam may be used. Hoods, beanies or hats are also prohibited in order to verify the exam taking person's identity in the video recording.

Several students taking electronic exams at TAMK have expressed their wish that the users of the Exam rooms should be reminded of the rules (such as silence, no perfumes in the Exam Terrariums). By following the rules, you ensure that every student has an opportunity for flexible and equal verification of their competence in the Exam Terrarium rooms.

Check the instructions on the Students page, where you will also find information about exceptional opening hours, and other issues related to the electronic exams at TAMK.

COVID-19 instructions

Take an exam only when feeling healthy

If you are feeling ill, you are not allowed to take an electronic Exam. You are not allowed to take the exam either, if you have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 within 14 days. If you belong to a risk group or have other questions about exams, contact your teacher in the first place.

Hygiene instructions

Always use a face mask in TAMK’s electronic examination rooms. Wash your hands before taking the exam. Use the disinfectant wipes available in the exam rooms to wipe the keyboard, mouse, and any surfaces you will touch around your exam desk. The hearing protectors are not available in the exam rooms during the exceptional pandemic situation. You can bring your own earplugs and disposable protective gloves, if you want to use them. Put all your trash in the trash bin.

Moving in the TAMK premises

Arrive for the exam just before your reserved exam time. Ensure safety distances on the premises. Disposable gloves, masks and other protective equipment should be disposed of neatly. Cancel or change your Exam reservation immediately, if you are unable to take your reserved exam. Students have access to campus spaces in accordance with their access rights.

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