Welcome to TAMK!

Here you can find general instructions of how to successfully become a member of the TAMK community, how to prepare for your study start and what services you can already utilise before your start.

New student to-do list

To find out all the things you need to do now, you should click on TO-DO

Studying in Tampere and Finland

To get acquainted with your new home – the Most Student Friendly City in Finland, see some of the material we have gathered HERE

Facebook group

You have a question about studying at TAMK – you’re most likely not alone and not the first to ask the question. Let your peers help you with everything and get to know the other international talent at TAMK. Join the International Degree Students of TAMK group on facebook.

Meet our Social Counsellor

“Hello international students! Coming to Finland brings many challenges into your life. We have many ways to help you.” Mirja Onduso is a social counsellor dedicated to assist students from abroad with any and all issues while at TAMK. Watch her introduction video.