To-Do list

Here is a quick list of what you need to do before arrival and some tips on studying here at TAMK.

  1. Confirm the offered study place
  2. Register as present or absent  (+tuition fee payment for non EU/EEA students)
  3. Start immigration procedures
  4. Book student housing
  5. Prepare for original document check and accreditation
  6. Check out our IT services and prepare accordingly  (please note that ID activation is only possible with Finnish online banking codes at the moment, information will be sent in our newsletter as soon as possible)
  7. Join the students’ union Tamko and get your student card

In addition to the abovementioned, you should look into participating in our Summer School and joining our communities online. You are warmly welcome to join us before your studies start to start networking and to get settled in. From the front page you can find the Facebook group exclusively for international student talent at TAMK. Students from previous years will be able to give you tips and hints for the very best solution for you.

BYOD – bring your own device

TAMK is a BYOD (bring your own device) institution. This means that there is only a limited number of common use computers on campus and classrooms have been furnished with extra power sources for you to be able to work on your own device.

Informal but confidential

Relationships between students and teachers are very informal. You can even call your teachers by their first names. On one hand, this means that teachers may surprise you by asking about your private life and share your joys and sorrows quite openly. Finns respect privacy, so if you confide in them, your secret is safe.

On the other hand, you will be expected to participate actively in class – ask questions, comment, and interrupt. State your case and argue your point of view. We’re looking for independent thinkers who choose their own path. We will even help you carve out your very own path, just in case you make those bold choices no-one has made before.

Independence and individuality

Most students at TAMK are over 18 years old, and as such, are considered adults. Most Finns live on their own by the time they start university studies. We therefore expect you to take responsibility for your life and your studies. This does not mean that you are on your own. Remember, we offer many types of support throughout your studies.


When you start your degree programme, you receive a curriculum to follow for your whole 1 – 4.5 years of studies (depending on your degree). Some courses are mandatory, some are optional.  You may also include in your personal study plan some completely free electives from any university-level courses completed in other institutions. Add some international flavour by completing a part of your degree abroad in a form of student exchange at a partner university or a training placement in a company of your choosing.


Finns are very strict about cheating and fraud, and this is no different in universities. If you cheat in exams or in written assignments, there is no room for negotiations. You are removed from the exam room immediately and your course is failed. There is a fair hearing and a process that’s followed set by the National Advisory Board on Research Ethics. The matter is never taken lightly and may result in a temporary dismissal.

TAMK uses plagiarism prevention programmes frequently on written assignments and all final thesis will go through analysis.