Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership

task force of four

Pre-task instructions

The 2021 application period opens on 7 January 2021 and ends on 20 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2). The pre-task has to be uploaded to the application form before the end of the application period.

Assessment of the pre-task

The pre-task is graded with a maximum of 100 points available.  Based on the pre-task results, the best applicants will be invited to an exam or online interview. Student selection is based on the combined points of the pre-task and the exam/interview (max 200 points). We will not provide any further information about the pre-task. The pre-task must be uploaded as detailed below by the deadline.

Step 1. Fill in the online application via Studyinfo

The application form closes on 20 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2).  To see the information about the Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership on, search for ”TAMK entrepreneurship” or select this link.

  • Fill in the application form (all required fields)
  • Attach all the required documents
  • If you have problems with the application or attaching the documents, please contact TAMK Admissions
  • Send your application.

Step 2. Upload the prepared pre-task on the application

You can upload attachments to the application after you send your application by using the secure link you receive in the confirmation email. The pre-task attachments must be uploaded on the application by 27 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2). Make sure to meet the deadline and we strongly recommend uploading the assignments well before the deadline to avoid possible server overload. Only the pre-tasks submitted by the deadline will be considered in admission.

  • Name the file with your own name clearly visible (e.g. firstname_lastname_pretask.pdf).
  • Upload your pre-task file on the application.
  • Save changes on your application.


1. Write a CV (curriculm vitae) including at least:

  • name, date of birth, photo of yourself and contact information
  • previous degrees, other studies and your successes in those studies
  • work experience of any kind
  • hobbies, positions of trust, and any other relevant information that in your opinion would help you to be selected for the next phase of the application process of Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership degree programme.

The CV doesn’t need to follow any special document template, but it must be delivered in PDF format.

2. Video selfie 

Present yourself in short video selfie (max duration 2 minutes) that explains why you are a perfect candidate for the programme.  Within the video, you need to be present in a recognizable manner.

Upload the video file to your application as a .mov or .mp4 file.

If the pre-task delivery is incomplete (either CV or video or both of them missing) or the pre-task is not delivered in time the application will be rejected. The emphasis in the evaluation of the pre-task is on the applicant’s ability to study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, motivation to study in a team (Team Learning model applied) and motivation to act as an entrepreneur.

TAMK has a right to verify any information applicant has given in the pre-task.