Master's degree in Risk Management and Circular Economy

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The TAMK Direct Application for Master’s Programmes starts on 7 December 2022, at 8:00 am (Finnish time UTC+2) and ends on 18 January 2023, at 3:00 pm (Finnish time UTC+2). All sections of the pre-task must be uploaded to your application in Studyinfo by the end of the application period. After this, it is not possible to submit pre-tasks. Only pre-tasks returned by the deadline will be taken into consideration and evaluated. Please read all the instructions on this page carefully.

Pre-task instructions

The application period opens on 7 December 2022 and closes on 18 January 2023 at 3 pm Finnish
time. The pre-task has to be uploaded to the application by 18 January 2023 at 3 pm Finnish time
(UTC+2) at the latest. For further information on how to deliver the pre-task see step 2.

Assessment of the pre-task

The pre-task is graded with a maximum of 50 points available. A minimum of 10 points is required for the pre-task to be accepted. Based on the pre-task results, the best applicants will be invited to an online interview. We will not provide any further information about the pre-task. The pre-task must be uploaded as detailed below by the deadline.

When applying, complete the following steps.

Step 1. PRE-TASK: An essay

The applicant is required to write a short essay dealing with these two aspects.

  1. Pick up three topics from EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan and explain how they link to
    your professional profile.
  2. Describe what kind of knowledge and skills you would need to develop the three topics
    towards circular economy.

European Commission. 2020. Circular Economy Action Plan. Available at
new_circular_economy_action_plan.pdf (

Each part has equal weighting, so be sure to discuss both within the space available.

The evaluation criteria for the essay are:

  • the candidate’s ability to identify and justify issues relevant to the context, clearly and
    concisely expressing reasoned arguments
  • critical thinking and understanding of the circular economy in their professional context
  • analytical suitability of the applicant to study in an international Master’s level programme
  • capability for self-evaluation and motivation for developing oneself
  • ability to produce logical text in the English language

Please note that the minimum amount is 1000 characters and the maximum 6000 characters (not
words). If the pre-task is under the minimum or over the maximum character count, it will affect the
assessment negatively. (1 character = 1 number/1 space/1 letter)


Step 2. Fill in the online application via and upload the pre-task on the

Name the pre-task file this way: Lastname_Firstname_Pretask_RIMCE23.pdf



Step 1. Submit your application through the portal.

The application form closes on 18 January 2023 at 3pm (Finnish time UTC+2).

  • Fill in the requested information on the application form
  • Upload the necessary enclosures to the application
  • If you have problems with sending the application form or uploading the attachments to the application form, contact TAMK’s admissions services immediately
  • Submit your application by the deadline

Step 2. Upload the pre-task to your application

When you have sent your application by the deadline, you will receive a confirmation email with a link through which you can add attachments to your application. The pre-task must be uploaded to the application form and saved by 3pm (Finnish time UTC+2) on 18 January 2023. Please start returning the pre-task well in advance to avoid possible problems due to internet connection or server load. Pre-tasks submitted to TAMK after the deadline will not be considered in the student selection.

  • Name your file clearly (e.g. Surname_FirstName_Pre-task.pdf)
  • Upload the pre-task to your application
  • OBS! Please note that a video file (if required) must be uploaded directly onto your application. Videos saved elsewhere and returned as a link will not be considered in the student selection. If it seems like the file is taking too long to download, you can try compressing the video file to a smaller size.
  • Save the changes you made to the application form.

Please start the uploading your pre-tasks well in advance to avoid last-minute technical challenges!

Note that changes to your application form will not be saved unless you click the save modifications button at the top of the page before the deadline.

Best of luck!