Master's degree in Risk Management and Circular Economy

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Pre-task instructions

The 2021 application period opens on 9 December 2020 and ends on 20 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2). The pre-task has to be uploaded to the application in Studyinfo by 27 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2).

Assessment of the pre-task

The pre-task is graded with a maximum of 50 points available.  Based on the pre-task results, the overall best 50 applicants (combining Business Administration, Engineering and Natural Sciences) will be invited to an online interview. We will not provide any further information about the pre-task. The pre-task must be uploaded as detailed below by the deadline.

Step 1. Fill in the online application via Studyinfo

The application form closes on 20 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2).  To see the information about the TAMK Master’s Degree Programme in Risk Management and Circular Economy on, search for ”TAMK Circular Economy” or select this link.

  • Fill in the application form (all required fields)
  • Attach all the required documents
  • If you have problems with the application or attaching the documents, please contact TAMK Admissions
  • Send your application.

Step 2. Upload the prepared pre-task on the application

You can upload attachments to the application after you send your application by using the secure link you receive in the confirmation email. The pre-task attachments must be uploaded on the application by 27 January 2021 (15.00 GMT +2). Make sure to meet the deadline and we strongly recommend uploading the assignments well before the deadline to avoid possible server overload. Only the pre-tasks submitted by the deadline will be considered in admission.

  • Name the file with your own name clearly visible (e.g. Lastname_Firstname_pretask.pdf).
  • Upload your pre-task files on the application.
  • Save changes on your application.

Pre-task aim

To give you a chance to reflect and share your path to circular economy as well as show your ability to write academic papers, your motivation and commitment.


A piece of academic writing where you share your professional path and your future aspiration from the point of view of circular economy. Name the output file Lastname_Firstname_pretask

Target group for your writing

The group of students that will be studying in the Risk Management and Circular Economy Master’s Programme in TAMK.

Publication of your piece of writing

If you are accepted to the programme, your piece of writing will be made available to your fellow student as well as the facilitators of the RiMCE programme.


Look back at your education and career so far. How do they relate to the circular economy? Please give a definition of the circular economy and explain what makes you interested in it. What are the special things you can contribute to an interdisciplinary group? Which aspects of the circular economy are you familiar with and what are you are hoping to learn in this programme. If possible, also analyse how you think professionals can best learn from each other.

Formally, please follow the TAMK Thesis-report-guide-april-2020_2

Length: min 5 max 10 pages including the cover page, table of contents and references

Assessment criteria

  • Following the brief in clear English.
  • Following the guidelines in the TAMK thesis report guide.
  • Showing an understanding of what circular economy is.
  • Ability to analyse your background, the contribution you can make.
  • Ability to set realistic goals.