What to do after a Moodle course ends?

Is the course list on your Moodle main page full of courses that have long since ended? Is it difficult to tell the courses apart? This tip tells what you should do after your Moodle course ends.

What do I need?

Read this tip to find out how to set up a Moodle page.

What do I need to do?

The options you can take after a Moodle course ends are presented below:

After it is no longer necessary for students to access the Moodle page: 

  • Hide the page from students (Managing tools – Hide course).
  • The course will no longer appear in students’ own course lists and students will not be able to access the course page, but you can still retain their coursework for as long as necessary. (A student’s submitted coursework will not be displayed to you on the course page if you delete him or her from the course)
  • When your course begins, you should tell the students how long they will be able to access the course page after the course has ended. This is important so students can, for example, download necessary materials or coursework in advance.
  • Teachers will still be able to see the hidden course page, but closed courses are listed separately from open courses on the main page.

If you want to continue using the same course page with a new group of students:

  • Copy the course page with the Import function (see the instructions with screenshots).
  • When you copy the course page, the copy will include the format and all the tools available on the old page but not former students’ information or submissions. The old course page will remain unchanged. You can hide it, if necessary.

If a new course implementation round is not about to start but you want to retain copies of the page structure and tools: 

  • Create a backup copy of the course (see this tip to find out how) and store the copy on your computer.
  • The copy will include the page structure and tools but no students or their submissions or input.
  • You cannot open the backup copy directly, but you can import it to a blank Moodle page.

After you have retained coursework long enough and have, if necessary, copied the course page or created a backup copy:

  • Delete the course page (see the instructions).
  • If the Moodle course page is managed by multiple teachers, make sure that they agree that the page can be deleted.
  • The deleted course page will be stored in the recycle bin for 30 days, after which it will be permanently deleted.

What should I take into account?

You can change the format of the course list on your Moodle main page. You can choose a grid view or a list view.

As a rule, closed courses are shown after open courses. Closed courses are indicated by the eye icon.

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