Use document templates to achieve consistency in your materials

You can select an image or a theme for your Office documents (PowerPoint, Word and Excel) from a number of options. An excellent choice is the Tampere Universities template, where the colours and logos are consistent with our visual identity guidelines. Our own templates also comply with accessibility standards.

What do I need?

You can find the desktop versions of Office programmes on your own computer and the web versions at

What do I need to do?

Desktop versions:

The document templates are automatically installed on all our centrally maintained computers. After you open Word, PowerPoint or Excel, follow these steps to find the templates:

File -> New -> Shared/Custom.

The installation of the document templates requires that you set up the TUNI VPN connection and let it run for a while. If you need the document templates but cannot access them although your VPN connection has been running for an hour, contact the IT Helpdesk.

Online Office software:

  1. Download the documents templates from the Marketing Material Bank.
  2. You can also find all the Office applications at to use them in your browser. Open the template and create your presentation.
What should I take into account?

Tampere Universities offer a broad range of document templates that feature different logos (TAU/TAMK/TUNI) and are written in different languages.

The Marketing Materials Bank also contains a variety of other materials (such as presentation materials and logos) and guidelines that will help you design and order marketing materials that you need for work-related purposes.