This page contains links to relevant standardization and other organizations relating to CEN/TC251/WG II.

Health informatics standardization
CEN/TC251 information pages
CEN/TC251 official pages
ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics
IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communication
HL7 International
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprize (IHE)
DICOM – medical imaging
IEC/SC62A Common aspects of medical equipment, software, and systems
CDISC – Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
LOINC – Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
SNOMED International
GS1 Healthcare
Joint Initiative Council for Global Health Informatics Standardization

Artificial intelligence standardization
CEN&CENELEC JTC21 Artificial Intelligence
ISO&IEC/JTC1/SC42 Artificial Intelligence
HL7 Artificial Intelligence Focus Team
IEEE Artificial Intelligence Systems
ITU – WHO Focus Group on “Artificial Intelligence for Health

Regulatory affairs
EU Medical Device regulations
USA law on medical devices (+ food and drugs)
FDA Medical Device regulation guidance
FDA recognized consensus standards

Finnish web sites
SFS SR 301 Terveydenhuollon tietotekniikka
SFS SR 315 Tekoäly
HL7 Finland
IHE Finland
Valvira – terveydenhuollon tietojärjestelmien valvonta

The classic
European Data Format – Physiological signal exchange format for researchers since 1992