Video: How to make media with and for young minorities?

Gellerup live photo

How does the media reach minority youth who do not watch the traditional news? This was the subject for October's Lunch Talk where process consultant Stine Thorsgaard Kjær shared insights on how TV2 Østjylland in Denmark has succeeded in this in the project Gellerup Live.

Gellerup Live is made with and for young minority Danes primarily in Aarhus. Gellerup Live publishes on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and has quickly become a success with over 8600 followers on Facebook and 1700 followers on Instagram.

The Lunch Talk gave the participants a hands on view on the concept, challenges and adjustments – the do’s and don’ts. You may watch the video here.

The aim of Gellerup Live is to give young people with a minority background in Gellerup and across the country their very own voice in the public debate. The editors take up important and overlooked topics that young minority Danes can identify with.

But how did they succeed and what is the strategy behind it? How do you find young people who want to participate? What potential does it take to be journalist at Gellerup Live? How do you prepare young people for the role of a journalist? And how do you find topics that young people are interested in?