Video: What does “social responsibility” mean in journalism?

In May 2022 we had a first ever Nordic Forum Dialogue. Journalism researchers Karen McIntyre and Laura Ahva had an exchange over the notion of “social responsibility” in journalism and its research.

The full name of our forum is “Nordic Forum for Social Responsibility in Journalism”. It might not be the catchiest of names, but because the intention of the forum is to study and advance ethical and accountable journalism in its many forms, we chose an umbrella title. But what does social responsibility in journalism really mean? Or what could it mean? What is the history of the notion? What is irresponsible journalism?

Karen and Laura have both studied and written about social responsibility as well as its specific forms: constructive, solutions, public or conciliatory journalism. In this dialogue, both expand on how they have become familiar with the noiton and how do they see it now. You can watch the entire video here. The dialogue expanded into a frutiful discussion among the forum members, which is also featured in the video (almost 90 minutes!).

Karen McIntyre is associate professor of multimedia journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. Laura Ahva is associate professor of journalism studies at Tampere University, Finland.  The dialogue will be facilitated by researcher Mikko Hautakangas from Tampere University.