Video: "Dialogue Journalism" by Taneli Heikka

Taneli Heikka

In our latest online talk, we discussed what the concept and practice of dialogue can bring to the sphere of socially responsible journalism with Taneli Heikka.

Taneli Heikka is a Finnish journalist, journalism researcher, author and entrepreneur.  In his talk, he explained how he understands the notion of dialogue and how he has used it in various journalistic and research-related situations. Watch the video of Heikka’s talk here:

In recent years, Heikka has studied and developed the concept of dialogic journalism in his research articles and his PhD thesis “Dialogic Journalism: How can journalists participate in the networks of social innovation?” (2017, He has also collaborated with the Timeout Foundation (, who have developed a practical methodology for planning and generating social dialogue; Heikka has studied this methodology as a tool for journalists.

In the discussion part, we talked about the various roles that dialogue opens up for a journalist; the different contexts where dialogue has been useful (e.g. schools and post-conflict situations); how to find participants (representation); the possibilities to use dialogue as a tool in the news flow; and how to argue for the “newsworthiness” of dialogues.