Video: Cathrine Gyldensted on 10 years of Constructive Journalism

Catherine Gyldensted portrait

On April's lunch talk, one of the leading figures in Constructive Journalism, author and journalist Cathrine Gyldensted, talked about the lessons she has learned when working with the approach for 10 years.

The title of the talk was “10 Lessons from 10 years of Constructive Journalism”. In this talk, Cathrine Gyldensted, who began her work with Constructive Journalism in 2011, shared victories and setbacks from 10 years of working with innovating journalism and challenging dominant professional norms. She focused on how you can use these lessons productively in the work you do. You can watch the 30-minute talk here:

In the video you see how Cathrine, for example, highlights the development of depolarizing debate formats and solution-oriented climate coverage as some of the most fruitful outcomes of Constructive Journalism.

Cathrine Gyldensted is now part of our Nordic Forum as an ambassador with Karen McIntyre, who is a journalism scholar from the US. We are hoping to invite Karen to one of our future talks, too. Through Cathrine’s and Karen’s involvement, the Forum has also grown, and we have new members. Warmly welcome everyone!