Dear reader,

This is the first Sustainable Development Report published by Tampere University to showcase our work to build a more sustainable world. This report offers you information about our activities to promote social, cultural, environmental and economic sustainability. We chose to use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) as the framework for reporting on our impact on sustainability.

This report provides an overview of the wide range of activities and projects that our students, teachers, researchers, support staff are carrying out to make progress towards sustainability goals. As writers of this report, we have been delighted to learn more about the results of long-term efforts as well as pleasantly surprised by fresh perspectives and ideas that have reshaped the way we view the world. While the many challenges associated with sustainable development may seem insurmountable, we want this report to offer hope: look at everything we have already achieved!

Examples of Tampere University sustainable development measures 2020: 47 research projects, 15 training events and 21 societal interaction projects.


This report is the first of its kind and cannot cover all our activities that contribute to the SDGs. There is an enormous amount of work – research, teaching and other operations – that is being done across our community to promote sustainability. When drawing up this report, we largely relied on the members of our community to share information about their work. As sustainability is already integrated into so much of what we do, it can be difficult to separate sustainability actions from day-to-day activities but it is important to acknowledge all these efforts. You can read more about the sustainable choices we make on a daily basis on our website.

We recognise that the classification of activities under the SDG categories is somewhat artificial: the activities described in this report are grouped into a single category, which we considered was the best fit, although they usually have an impact on multiple SDGs. However, the choices were made with the best of intentions: as there may be people who are not yet familiar with the SDGs, we have opted to maximise clarity and understandability. As awareness of the SDG framework increases within our community, our future sustainable development reports can hopefully explore the various dimensions of sustainability from a broader perspective instead of making generalisations. Read more about our reporting principles.

We hope this report provides you with new information and insights and perhaps leads you to the realisation that your work could be showcased in this report as well. Are you involved in or aware of research, teaching or other operations underway within our community that could have been included in this report? Please let us know by filling out this form.

The authors wish to thank all those who contributed to this report and politely answered even questions that may have sounded silly but help us understand and describe your work. And thank you to all those who provided feedback and development suggestions on the draft versions of this report.

We also want to sincerely thank the Tampere Universities community for making this report possible; it shows you are working towards a sustainable future, regardless of whether your work is showcased in this report or not. And now, dear reader, welcome to take a look at what we have achieved in 2020 to build a more sustainable world.

Senior Specialist, Sustainable Development Matias Nurminen & Communications Specialist Niina Broman
Innovation Culture development project