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President’s overview: Tampere University launched its strategy and made excellent progress despite the challenges of 2020

The year 2020 was the second year of operations for the multidisciplinary Tampere University. Our community’s seven core values – openness, critical thinking, diversity, learner-centredness, courage, erudition and responsibility – were identified as a result of a collaborative process in the autumn of 2019. Our strategy spanning to the year 2030 was confirmed in February 2020.

Tampere University brings together research and education in technology, health and society. As set out in our strategy, our purpose is to work together to build a sustainable world. We develop solutions to tackle climate change, preserve the natural environment and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies by working together with our partners. This collaboration is built on our strengths, unique combinations of disciplines and applied expertise.

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This annual review looks back on 2020 and reflects on our research and education, contributions to society and commitment to sustainable development, and records the activities and statistics of our seven faculties and the two university consortia which we coordinate.

The year 2020 was to a great extent defined by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Every facet of the operations of Tampere University, too, was impacted by the restrictions that came into force in March 2020. The most affected areas were experimental research, recruitment, mobility as well as conferences and events. The extended period of remote working and learning took a toll on both our staff and students. A wide range of measures were implemented to support the well-being of our community.

Although the year 2020 presented extraordinary and unexpected challenges, our funding received from competitive international funding calls increased, the quality of our scientific publications improved, the number of graduates increased in almost all fields of study, and we saw a significant spike in applications to our degree programmes. We contributed research-based knowledge to support policymaking in different sectors of society and strengthened our important partnerships.

President Mari Walls
I want to thank all our staff, students, partners, friends and supporters for their outstanding work and dedication in 2020. Tampere University has a strong international dimension and is well positioned to pursue continuous improvement in research and education, societal interaction and the delivery of impact.

Mari Walls