The software list shows the available tools and resources

Tampere Universities offers staff and students access to software that supports learning, teaching, research and the performance of other tasks. A license is required to use the software.

What software is already available?

Please see the software list  to browse the programs that are already available. You can install many of the programs yourself via the Software Center. Please be aware that the license you need may not be free of charge, meaning that you need to inquire whether your unit will cover the costs.

Students can install some of the available software on their own computers. These programs are identified in the software list. Students are advised to consult with teachers about other software that they need during their courses. Information about the software installed on lab computers is also available on the intranet.

License management

The License Management team in the IT Services unit manages software licenses, agreements and orders. If software you need is not included in the software list, the License Management team will help you. You should contact the License Management team well in advance to allow enough time for finding the best licensing options. You will also be informed if similar software has already been acquired. Submit a ticket at and describe the software you need as carefully as possible to ensure a prompt response. The following information is required:

  • Purpose – what software do you need and for what purpose?
  • The equipment on which the software is to be installed and the equipment owner
  • Who will pay for the license?
  • User(s) – who, Tampere University, TAMK or both?
  • Site – campus, faculty, laboratory?
  • User role – student, teacher, researcher, visitor?

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