Support for remote and hybrid work

After the wide-ranging teleworking during the pandemic, work communities have adopted various hybrid working solutions along with traditional in-office work.  For a selection of tools in use in the Tampere University community, see the Staff Digital Tools (Intra) and Digital Tools for Teaching onion models.

You can use the onion templates when you are looking for tools to support your own work. The other way to use them is more collaborative. When work is done in digital environments with teams and work communities, the decision on the tools does not depend on an individual employee’s preferences or wishes but requires that the entire team and work community have agreed on the tools as well as the rules that apply to using them in these environments.

To help with this discussion, you can use the support material, which includes questions to guide your choice of digital tools. On the support material page, you will find questions to guide you in the choice of digital tools and creating guidelines for using them with your team. The questions are grouped into three themes specifically related to working together as a team:

  1. Reachability and meeting practices
  2. Materials and sharing information
  3. Interaction and community

The questions help the work community or team to discuss and agree on practices and objectives for remote and hybrid working, and to select appropriate digital tools to support common objectives. Through the questions, you can build a checklist of commonly agreed issues and development priorities. You can also use the material to introduce new employees and identify training needs.

You can find the support material for remote hybrid working on the intranet

The website contains the questions as a pdf document, as well as a fillable form that generates a summary of the answers to the respondent’s email.

digital tools form