Add captions to your Panopto videos

You may already be proficient in creating and editing videos using Panopto, but you may have noticed that adding captions to your videos would make them more accessible. It can be done quite easily.

What do I need?

You need a video and access to the Panopto video service.

What do I need to do?

Instructions for adding captions to your Panopto videos:

  1. Create or upload your video into Panopto as usual.
    2. Navigate to My Folder to locate the video.
    3. Hover your mouse over the video and select Edit.
    4. On the left, select Captions.
    5. Click on the CC logo on the right side of the preview pane to see the captions.
What should I take into account?

You should tell the viewers to click on the CC logo to display the captions.

Read more:

If you have not used Panopto before, read the instructions for uploading videos to a course page in Moodle.

See this intranet handbook page for more information about Panopto and accessible videos.  Detailed instructions for using video services are also available on the intranet.

Watch how-to videos for adding captions to Panopto videos: video 1 (about 1.30 min) and video 2 (about 45 min.). When you watch the videos, please ignore the prices and order instructions provided.

Remember that you can always as for advice from your unit’s digimentors and the IT Helpdesk ( / Enjoy working with captions!