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doctoral studies

Dopsy – the doctoral training network in psychology

The Dopsy Cooperation Network, a steering group under the Psykonet network, coordinates the national activities of doctoral training in psychology. The Dopsy network aims to develop the quality and relevance of postgraduate degrees in psychology as part of interdisciplinary doctoral programmes at different universities.

Dopsy board is conducting activities and includes representatives from each of the Psykonet member universities, psychology doctoral students and lectures or professors.  The members of the Dopsy board act as liaison officers between the Dopsy network and the universities.  In the member universities of the Psykonet network, all doctoral students who have obtained a doctorate in psychology are eligible members of the Dopsy network.

Psykonet maintains the tradition of organising an annual spring or autumn symposium for doctoral students. Symposiums are an opportunity for doctoral students to meet each other, present their research and receive comments on their presentations. Doctoral students in psychology at Psykonet universities have the opportunity to join a national email list to receive information about courses, conferences, funding opportunities and other topics of interest to doctoral students. Dopsy also has its own Facebook group.

Dopsy’s Steering Committee draws up an action plan and is responsible for seeking the necessary funding for the network’s activities, either from member universities or from other sources. The general principle is that each university decides and bears the costs of the network’s activities for its own staff and doctoral students.
The tasks related to the national coordination of doctoral training are carried out by the Psychonet coordinator.

For more information on Dopsy’s activities

  • Marius Lahti-Pulkkinen, Chairman of the Dopsy board, University of Helsinki – firstname.surname[at]
  • Tanja Sarlin, Psychonet Coordinator, University of Turku – firstname.surname[at]

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Symposiums and events

Dopsy symposium – Summer School, August 21st-23rd, 2023 in Joensuu