Studying abroad

In Finland, the profession of psychologist is a legalised health professional. In order to obtain legalisation, foreign qualifications in psychology must be equivalent to the Finnish qualification. Psychology can be studied as a major and leading to a degree in psychology widely at several universities abroad. When studying abroad and want to work as psychologist in Finland, the principle is the same as in Finland: after completing the degree, you apply to Valvira for authorisation to practise as a psychologist and use the title of psychologist.

Master’s degrees in psychology in Finland practically always guarantee legalisation, but studies abroad need to be examined more closely. Contents and scopes of these studies or degrees can vary widely, Valvira may also request the opinion of a panel of psychology experts from Finnish universities to support its assessment.

The Psykonet network has a working group on studies abroad, which assesses the equivalence of the qualifications and studies obtained abroad.
A group includes representatives from all member universities and the Psychologists’ Association.

For more information on the activities of the Study Abroad Working Group

  • Juha Holma, Chair of the Working Group on Study Abroad juha.m.holma[at]
  • Tanja Sarlin, Psychonet Coordinator, TY firstname.lastname[at]

Read more about studying psychology abroad on the website of  The Finnish Psychological Association.
Read more about professional rights in health care on the website of Valvira.


If you have studied in Finland or legislated as Finnish psychologist, you can apply for the EuroPsy certificate after a few years of work experience.

EuroPsy (or European Certificate in Psychology) is a professional qualification, which is setting standards of education, training and competence for psychologists. There is a Basic EuroPsy Certificate that presents a benchmark for independent practice and that can be issued to a psychologist who has demonstrated that they have met these standards and there are also A EuroPsy Specialist Certificates in the area of psychotherapy, Work and Organisational Psychology and neuropsychology.

Find more information on the websites of  The Finnish Psychological Association and