With Self-Hack: Find your path

Self-Hack is a concept to help you reflect on your life and your future projects or studies.

Fresh starts might sometimes feel overwhelming but here is a concrete tool to help you find your path!

From upon your arrival in TAMK, Self-Hack aims to help you as a new student to find your path and get support in planning your studies.  We organize Self-Hack for all our new students during orientation weeks.

In practice, Self-Hack is an inspiring five-hour workshop. It consists of independent assignments which are then discussed in groups. The assignments focus on you and your life, such as your strengths, motivation and life history. Based on them, you will set meaningful goals for a suitable time frame.


During Self-Hack you will learn to:

  • Clarify your dreams
  • Imagine your life based on your strengths and values
  • Set meaningful goals to action
  • Be part of a group and work together