Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture course critically investigates some of the key sustainability challenges for architectural design, within the context of climatic, societal, ecological and environmental challenges.

This year, the course focuses on the role and value of the architect in sustainable architectural design and urban planning in the climate emergency. The course is research-based and intended to support student’s design projects at building and urban scale. Students are expected to position themselves through critically exploring and responding to some of the key (inter)national current and emerging sustainability challenges, through group and individual work. The course fosters the development of evidence-based sustainable design with environmental ambition, alongside architectural and spatial imagination and delight.

In this intensive seven-week course, teachers and students will co-produce knowledge around Seven Lenses that are interrelated and equally important to the practices of sustainable architecture and urban planning and design. The Seven Lenses will be discussed through lectures, seminars, study cafés and workshops. Collectively we will produce different resources that can be useful for student’s future projects, and also supports other students of the community of Tampere University and beyond.

Together, we aim to make a difference by learning, sharing, and helping students to apply sustainable design knowledge in their design projects. In addition to gaining sustainable architecture knowledge and critical thinking skills, the course sets out to change the way we think about architecture and our role in creating a better tomorrow. It encourages an ethical attitude towards our local and global responsibilities as a (future) architect in practice and at a time of climate crisis.

2020 Student Work

From harmony to disruption: a photo-essay