Hippa Remote

Remote services for product developers to promote digitalisation of health care and social services

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The aim of the Hippa Remote project is to develop remote and hybrid services for user-driven product and service development for SMEs in the regions concerned, which support the digitalisation of the healthcare and social services sector. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was identified that more and more digital products and services are needed to support the wellbeing of elderly people and mental health rehabilitators. In addition, virtual and simulation development environments are needed to make the services of a user-driven product developer available as a remote and hybrid service to the companies in a health-safe and sustainable manner. The Covid-19 pandemic showed that companies and the elderly are particularly affected, also the need for mental health services has increased. Remote and hybrid product development services are needed to enable support for user-driven product development to continue in a safe manner in pandemic or in new exceptional situations.

The Hippa Remote project utilizes and develops a remote and hybrid testing service for SMEs together with social and health service providers. The Hippa Remote project will co-create, test and provide health-safe and resource-wise remote and hybrid product development service models and digital platforms utilizing virtual technology.

The project supports the growth of companies and the digitalisation of the social and health sector through the following objectives and measures:

  1. A digital search service for development needs, consisting of customer stories and living environments of potential users, will be developed and served to SMEs. The service promotes user-driven development of digital products and services and helps the company to identify the needs and expectations of its customers and to formulate its solution proactively in relation to them.

  2. Remote testing and hybrid testing services will be developed and served to SMEs. The service enables testing of digital products and services using virtual, simulated and authentic social and health care environments. With the help of the service, the company has access to user-oriented product development environments that utilize digital technology.

  3. Remote and hybrid sparring and coaching for capacity for innovation, product development and Digi-HTA assessment will be developed and served to SME´s towards to national and international markets. The implementation of the project utilizes company-oriented transdisciplinary expertise in the fields of wellbeing, media, technology, business and virtual technology. Building a sustainable future requires companies to have the flexibility to change and to innovate traditional business models in a digital environment. The development of remote and digital services for healthcare and social services is seen as a tool to promote carbon neutrality, as the use of transport by remote means is resource-wisely reduced.


The Hippa Remote project will be implemented as three independent and interconnected projects between three provinces, Tampere Region (TAMK), Helsinki-Uusimaa Region (Metropolia) and Central Ostrobothnia (Centria).


Contact: Project Manager Tarja Heinonen, tarja.heinonen@tuni.fi, +358505685354