Premises and equipment

Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care
Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care

Space of our modern and fresh lab is modifiable. In the lab we have three spaces; so called cylinder space, research room and meeting room. In the main space there are Igloo Vision Immersive 360 Cylinder which enables a shared 360 experience for up to 10 people at a time.

Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care

Versatile equipment

In the cylinder space among other things:

IglooVision cylinder

VR glasses and gloves
Varjo VR-2 Pro
Oculus Quest
HTC Vive Focus 3
Sensoryx VRFree -gloves

In the robot corner
Pepper, Nao
Somnox sleep robot
Ohmni telepresence robot
Exoskeleton Skelex 360, in co-operation with Meditas Oy
Evondos medication robot Evondos Oy
Edison and Oculus service robots
Omron mobile robot and collaborative robot

Drones of different sizes

Technology solutions related to sensory functions
Taikaseinä, multisensoric interactive wall, in co-operation with Aistikanava
Vibroakustic bean bag, Haltija Oy
Kelosound kelo wood product Kelosound Oy
Smart Space wall, in co-operation with Oi Oi Collective Oy

Remote digital services and equipment
VideoVisit Oy Home- ja Remote service
HealthFOX Oy
Smart Flower Stand monitoring solution, in co-operation with Seniortek Oy
Visuon solution for visualization
Broomx projector and MXLive kit

Remote work ergonomics, in co-operation with ErgoFinland Oy:
GetUpDesk light adjustable portable desk
GetUpDesk rack adjustable portable rack
SeatGuard microbreaks – microbreaks for sitting
StandMat Boost workstation mat
Gymba elastic activation board
Läpsteri laptop stand

Insta 360
Vuze XR 360/180 3D

Loudspeakers: Genelec, Bose, Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon


Medanets mobile application for nursing, in co-operation with Medanets Oy
Body composition analyzer Seca mBCA in co-operation with Fysioline Oy
OptoGait gait analysis system and Gyko-sensor
Lojer: Hoggan MicroFET2 -dynamometer Lojer Oy
Beat2Phone heart sensor
Emfit sleep sensor
Withings smart scale
Withings Move ECG watch
MedikroPro PEF meter Medikro Oy
Suunto Movesense products
A powerful computer for data processing and the use of AI

MEETING ROOM max 20 persons
Pop up demo spaces for companies
Yeti-tablet 65”
AV equipment: 75’’ display, Logitech Meetup